We pick up our sustainably-sourced fresh seafood, hard shell Maine lobster + shellfish directly from local + regional vendors, ensuring quality + pricing you can trust. Our trucks head to the Boston Fish Pier multiple times a week - allowing us to keep our prices as low as possible, fluctuating with the market + reducing prices when the market allows.


From the days of our tiny fish case in 1983, our goal remains the same: providing our community with healthy, accessible seafood - regardless of budget.


Pick up one of our Famous Cappy’s Shrimp Platters with Tears of Joy Cocktail Sauce™ + be the freshest guest at the party.

We are always happy to accommodate special orders, we just ask you call in advance.

mexican diver bay scallops  ·  chopped clams  · dayboat sea scallops  ·  varied selection of oysters generally including new england oysters, pei oysters, virginia oysters  ·  select wild shucked chesapeake bay oysters - half pint/pint  ·  wild rhode island or maine littlenecks per piece / by the dozen  ·  wild maine steamers  ·  wild maine mussels  ·  wild rhode island quahogs  ·  shucked quahogs - pint/quart

wild maryland catfish  ·  wild atlantic codfish  ·  wild caught local flounder (location varies seasonally)  ·  wild atlantic haddock  ·  wild canadian halibut mkt  · monkfish  ·  wild canadian pollock  ·  "perfekt" farm salmon  ·  salmon steak  ·  wild alaskan sokeye salmon  ·  wild canadian swordfish  ·  rainforest farm tilapia  ·  rocky mountain trout  ·  fresh line caught yellowfin tuna  · wild ahi tuna [previously frozen]

bluefish  ·  blackfish  ·  blue marlin  ·  arctic char  ·  mahi mahi  ·  perch  ·  shark  ·  smelts  ·  red snapper  ·  shad  ·  shad roe  ·  line caught local black sea bass  ·  grouper  ·  striped bass  ·  silver hake

16-20s  ·  U12s  ·  U8s (frozen)

our cooked shrimp cocktail are 16-20s

other sizes may be available by special order


Ready to party? Make it a platter with our house

TEARS OF JOY COCKTAIL SAUCE™, lemon + bed of kale

12 inch  ·  16 inch  ·  18 inch


4# frozen boxes   |   [26-30]  ·  [16-20]  ·  [under 12]* · *5 lbs


we always have sustainably sourced, live hardshell premium maine lobsters in our tanks!

1.25#  ·  1.5-2#  ·  2-3#  ·  3#+

- we can steam your lobster for only .49/each! -


cappy’s famous lobster pot pie

* Named BEST SEAFOOD POT PIE IN THE COUNTRY by Rachael Ray Magazine *

6 inch  ·   9 inch



jumbo lump  ·  super lump  ·  north atlantic  ·  live soft shell crabs   ·  live blue crabs* mkt  |



alaskan king crab  ·  whole dungeness crab*  ·  soft shell crab*

*seasonal/special order


rotating protein + vegetables


assorted pizzas

shrimp wings

lobster bisque

creamy clam chowder

clear clam chowder

stuffed shrimp

stuffed flounder

stuffed clams

stuffed portobello

crab cakes

cod cakes*

shrimp cocktail

crab dip

mussel salad

lobster salad

cole slaw

shrimp dip*

smk bluefish, trout, mackerel, peppered mackerel, smoked salmon

broccoli salad*

seafood salad

shrimp salad

herring in wine

creamed herring

calamari salad

potato salad

tears of joy cocktail sauce™

off the hook tartar sauce

blackening seasoning

cappy's rub

wasabi aioli

creole aioli

sriracha aioli

cilantro aioli

caesar dressing

bleu cheese dressing

creamy garlic dressing


olive oil

clam fry

sweet heat

FFM cookbooks

Cappy hats + bucket hats

FFM tee shirts + sweatshirts

greeting cards

gifts + smallwares

lobster pot pie - small + large

*items requiring special order